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Complete your online consultation and receive a personalised hormone blood test, analysing up to 10 hormones.

We’ll deliver to your home within 3 days.

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Our finger-prick blood test kit has everything you need to collect your sample, ideally on day 3 of your menstrual cycle.

Post to our laboratory using our free returns envelope.

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Our accredited laboratory will analyse your hormone blood test within 10 days and upload the results to your online dashboard.

Receive a comprehensive report from one of our private gynaecologists.

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Book a consultation with one of our private gynaecologists to discuss your results and next steps, online or in person in London.

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What you can learn from our test

Hormone imbalance

Find out whether you have a hormonal imbalance and why you're experiencing symptoms like hormonal acne, ovulation pain, and irregular periods.

Ovarian reserve

Your Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels provide a good indication of ovarian reserve and fertility as these hormones are produced in your ovarian follicles, where your eggs grow.

Fertility and conception

Determine whether a hormonal imbalance may affect your fertility or chances of getting pregnant by measuring thyroid and menstrual cycle hormones and assessing conditions.

Health conditions

Find out if you may have a reproductive health condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids or primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) as well as signposting other conditions such as endometriosis.

Why Hertility?

  • Science. Meet life.

    Receive an online health assessment, personalised hormone blood test and comprehensive report from a private gynaecologist without leaving the house.

  • Hormones. Meet data.

    We can detect 9 of the most common gynaecological conditions and highlight reproductive risk factors including PCOS.

  • Fertility. Meet Biotech.

    We’re the whole package without the waitlist. And we’re right there with you for all of it. Get your test within 48 hours for a fraction of the cost of a fertility clinic.

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Hertility stories

Georgia story


Egg Freezing

I can safely say if I hadn’t found Hertility, I would likely have discovered my low egg count too late and would be unable to have children. From the at-home test, the results to the referral, everything was made so easy. Thank you for giving me the knowledge to plan for my future.

Samira story


Fertility Counselling

The consultant heard and listened to my concerns and difficulties with anxiety and depression specific to fertility. She recommended their counselling service that I now use regularly. Without the counselling service recommended by Hertility I would not be in the better place I am now.

Hannah story


Hormone and fertility kit

What I loved most about Hertility Health is their belief that women (and men) deserve more than just test results. They believe we need clear explanations, support and guidance and they show clear dedication when it comes to supporting their customers in understanding every aspect of the results given.

Emily story



A life-changing experience. Quite literally. Why should we women have to fight so hard to get to the truth of our own bodies?! The answer is.. we shouldn’t! Hertility Health has not only provided me with reassurance & hope but also have shown their loyalty by continuing my journey on a secondary care pathway.

Knowledge centre

We believe in helping all women to get to know their hormones and we encourage fertility fluency for all. From LH and FSH levels to AMH tests, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about female health.

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Hertility team of experts

Our team of scientists, specialist doctors and private gynaecologists are here to support your journey, from beginning to end.

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Gynaecologist & Endometriosis Specialist

Dr. Kirsty Munro


Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility specialist

Dr. Benjamin Jones

BSc (Hons) PhD MRCOG

Gynaecologist and Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon

Dr. Srdjan Saso



Emily Moreton

Bsc Msc ANutr RN

Gynaecologist & PCOS Specialist

Dr. Paul Hardiman



Mary-Anne Nickerson

MBACP Accredited, BA (hons)/Dip, MBICA

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