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Get clarity into your hormones and fertility with our comprehensive care. Access at-home testing, in-house experts and trusted partner clinics.

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Your body shouldn’t be a mystery

Most of us have gone our whole lives putting up with hormonal symptoms. We've got no idea how our hormones are impacting our fertility or what our chances of having a baby might be.

Whether you've been trying for a while, or are just starting to think about your future family options, you deserve to know exactly what's going on inside your body, ovaries and all. Finally, get complete clarity with our at-home hormone and fertility test for women.

Diagnosis can take years. We give you answers in days

Get access to everything you need to understand your reproductive health with our hormone and fertility test for women, reproductive specialist consultations and fast-tracked pelvic ultrasound scan referrals.

1 in 7

couples struggle with infertility.

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Up to 88%

of ones egg reserve may be gone by the age of 30.

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of us have at least one hormone out of range that could be affecting our fertility.

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is the average saving for choosing Hertility over a private fertility clinic.

Female anatomy

Anatomy of the female body and reproductive system.

Your journey starts here

3 private appointments wrapped up into one, easy-to-use at-home hormone test kit. Finally understand hormonal symptoms, get an indication of your ovarian reserve and get sign-posted for up to 18 conditions related to reproductive health.

Complete your Online Health Assessment

Tell us about your symptoms, health history and biometrics. Our algorithm will analyse 1500+ data-points to create a hormone panel personalised to you.

Online health assessment
Instruction booklet

Instruction booklet

Take your sample and send it back to us in just 3 simple steps.

hertility kit
Blood collection tube

Blood collection tube

Your hormones and fertility demystified, in one tiny tube.



No needles necessary, just a quick finger-prick using our lancets.

Receive your at-home blood collection kit

Get your kit within 3-5 days of ordering. Your personalised kit will test up to 10 reproductive hormones, including AMH levels.

Get your results and personalised doctor-written report

10 days later, access your hormone results with a detailed report from one of our private gynaecologists with suggestions for your next steps.

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care plan

Follow your care plan

Whatever your results, we have comprehensive care options with our in-house experts and trusted partner clinics.

We've helped 1000's of people, just like you, get the answers they deserve with our at home fertility test for women


Next day appointments with Private Gynaecologists and leading reproductive specialists

Got questions about your hormone and fertility test results? Looking to access follow up treatments? Skip the waiting lists, book virtual consultations with our specialists and get immediate referrals today.

Book Specialist Consultations

Chat with our specialists including private gynaecologists, fertility advisors, fertility nutritionists, and fertility counsellors. Get the right support, no matter where you’re at.

Access Fertility Treatments

Get immediate referrals for fertility treatments and care that's right for you—whether that's egg freezing, embryo freezing, IVF, or scanning for a diagnosis.

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PCOS anatomy

This is what polycystic ovaries look like, common in people with PCOS.

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At-home hormone and fertility test

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hertility kit image
hertility kit image
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