At-home tests for every stage of your fertility journey

Make informed decisions about your health when it matters, not when it’s too late.

Hertility helps you be proactive about your reproductive health

Clinic tests without the clinic cost

Test in the comfort of your own home

Guidance to expert care

Take control in 4 simple steps


Complete Our Care Questionnaire


Take An At-Home Blood Test


Receive Your Results Online


Get Expert Care

Affordable insights & actionable advice


Typical cost of reproductive check-up and consultation


Hertility check-up


Hertility check-up & consultation

What to expect from Hertility Health?

Monitoring your reproductive health is important for your overall well being. So we’ve designed our at-home fertility tests to give you the answers you deserve. No more ignoring symptoms and no more uncertainty.

A Personalised Hormone Test

On hormonal contraception? Experiencing symptoms? Not to worry - we tailor each test’s hormone panel to suit you.

Personalised Results

Receive your own digital report, explaining your hormone levels, and how they relate to your reproductive health.

Access To Expert Care Pathways

You can choose to discuss your results with a licensed specialist, who can give you more answers.

Genetic Testing

Planning for a baby and have a family history of genetic illness? We offer tests from pre-conception carrier screening to prenatal testing (NIPT)

A Friendly Community

Gain entry to our hub of like-minded people, where you can ask questions and share your experiences.

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