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How to take the test?


Your kit will contain everything you need, including some easy-breezy instructions. We’ve broken down the steps you should follow when testing:

  • Test in the morning We recommend collecting your sample in the morning within the first 3-4 hours of waking up after you have fasted for at least 8 hours.
  • Don’t go thirsty! Your body must be well hydrated to encourage your blood flow, so be sure to drink plenty of water before testing.
  • Get prepped! Remove all the items from the box and read through the instructions. Make sure the cap is removed from the collection tube before you begin.
  • The warmer the better! Your hand must be nice and warm to increase your blood flow, so either collect your sample after a warm shower or submerge your hand in warm water for at least 5 minutes.
  • Where to pierce? Dry your hand off, and choose the finger you’ll be pricking. The best place to prick is the outer centre tip of your ring or middle finger. Sterilise your finger with the alcohol wipe and wipe completely dry with a cotton swab or allow to air dry.
  • Prick your finger - Twist off the lancet cap (don’t worry you won’t see a needle) and press it firmly down on your finger. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a clean tissue.
  • Get gravity on your side. Use a low surface for the collection tube - One that is lower than your elbow when standing is best. This is important for ensuring blood flow. Stand up and hold your arm down to allow blood to drip into the tube.
  • Massage your hand! Firmly massage your hand in a downwards direction, from your wrist to your fingertip to encourage blood flow. Do this every 3-4 seconds. Do not squeeze the site of the piercing. If you can't get enough blood for the sample - just re-pierce another finger with a spare lancet,

If you face any problems when collecting your sample, please contact us.

Can I still test on a Sunday?


Yes, if your testing day is on a Sunday, please don’t worry, you can still go ahead and collect your sample!

Please collect your sample, label it, and place it in the clamshell provided. Then place your sample in the box, along with your completed sample return form and any unused equipment. We would advise to keep your sample at room temperature, to post as soon as you can Monday morning.

I’m struggling to fill the blood to the top line, what should I do?


If you are unable to collect enough blood after using 3 lancets, please contact us at, call 0808 501 5860 or DM us on Instagram @hertility_health and we’ll guide you through the next steps. Alternatively, book in here to speak to one of our advisors, we can guide you through the collection process at a time that suits you best.

When should I return my sample?


Please post your samples back on the day it was taken from any Royal Mail post box in the UK, using the prepaid envelope. There is no stamp required within the UK.

If you’re testing on the weekend, make sure to post your sample as soon as you can, to prevent your sample from ageing. In the meantime, you can store it at room temperature.

Which day should I test?


Hormones such as Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and Prolactin (Prl) can be tested any day during your cycle. However, some hormones such as Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Luteinising hormone (LH), and Oestradiol (E2) fluctuate throughout your cycle.

Since different hormones fluctuate throughout your cycle, if you are not on hormonal contraception, you must collect your sample on day 3 of your menstrual cycle. This is when your fluctuating hormones are at a baseline and therefore we get the most accurate results.

If you have short periods, we advise you to test on day 2 of your cycle.

If you have irregular periods, we generally advise you to test on your next day 3, as your Hertility kit has a shelf life of 6 months. However, if your cycle is longer than 45 days, we advise you to test on any day, as it can be difficult to identify what’s causing your irregularities and means you can get the information you deserve, sooner.

With our Virtual Health Assessment, we tailor each test to suit your health needs and the stage you’re at in your fertility journey. Your answers determine which hormones to test and on what day of your cycle.

It’s also best to test in the morning, within 3-4 hours of waking up after fasting for at least 8 hours. Some hormones also fluctuate throughout the day - so collecting your sample first thing gives the most accurate readings.

When does my kit expire?

Our testing kits have a shelf-life of twelve months.

I made a mistake collecting my sample. What do I do?


Please contact our support team at, call 0808 501 5860 or DM us on Instagram @hertility_health along with an explanation and we will let you know how to proceed.

I don’t want to prick myself. Can I get my blood drawn by a professional?


The idea of collecting your sample can be slightly startling, so if you feel like you’re unable to do it yourself, it’s fine to get a friend or family member to do so for you.

If that idea still doesn’t settle your nerves, we also offer a service in which we can send a professional to your home or workplace to take your sample for you. This service is an additional £79.

When will I get my results?

Your personalised results will be made available to you within 10 days of the lab receiving your sample. These will provide you with a clear explanation and actionable advice regarding your reproductive health, which can guide you down the correct care path.

How can I purchase a Hertility product?

Once you have completed your virtual health assessment, you will be directed to the checkout page and cart summary. You are able to complete your purchase via Stripe using a major credit or debit card, PayPal, or Apple/ Google Pay.

Can I use a discount code towards my purchase?


If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the "promo code" infill box at the payment stage of the checkout. Please note that discount codes have set expiration dates and not all codes may be used on all purchases.

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