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We are a growing team of experts, including scientists, researchers, doctors, lawyers, designers, developers, and business people. All on a mission to educate, empower and help you be #ReProductive. We all bring our individual skill sets together to ensure that we can provide entirely tailored, accessible, affordable, and high-quality at-home health testing.

We are the Hertili-team.

Helen - Hertility Health

Dr Helen O’Neill

CEO, Founder

BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Dr Helen is a lecturer in reproductive and molecular genetics and a leading expert in reproductive science. She has a Masters in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology from UCL. Her research focuses on pre-implantation embryo development and the use of CRISPR genome editing to assess understanding and treatment of disorders of infertility.

Natalie - Hertility Health

Dr Natalie Getreu

COO, Co-Founder

BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Dr Natalie is an ovarian biologist with expertise in bringing scientific discovery to clinical practice. She has a Masters in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health and a PhD in Fertility Preservation from UCL. Her research focuses on ovarian tissue freezing, which allows women facing cancer treatment to be able to preserve their fertility.

Deirdre - Hertility Health

Deirdre O’Neill

CCO, Co-Founder

BCL (hons), MA

Deirdre is our Chief Commercial & Legal Officer. She is a dual-qualified lawyer in England and Ireland and has worked in corporate law for a number of years. She has a masters in Medical Law from King’s College London. Deirdre is head of corporate strategy and deals with legal, scaling, and business operations.

Kirsty - Hertility Health

Dr Kirsty Munro

Consultant Gynaecologist & Endometriosis Specialist


Michele - Hertility Health

Dr Michele Robinson

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinician


Claudia - Hertility Health

Dr Claudia Raperport

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinician

BMBS, BMedSci, PGCert (MedEd), MRCOG

Andrew Horne - Hertility Health

Professor Andrew Horne

Clinical Advisor


Andrew Horne - Hertility Health

Dr Paul Hardiman

Clinical Advisor


Mary-Anne - Hertility Health

Mary-Anne Nickerson

Fertility Counsellor

MBACP Accredited, BA (hons)/Dip, MBICA

Tharni - Hertility Health

Dr Tharni Vasavan

Senior Scientific Research Associate

BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Zoya - Hertility Health

Zoya Ali

Scientific Research & Communications Associate

BSc (hons), MSc

Brid - Hertility Health

Brid Ní Dhonnabháin

Scientific Research Associate

BSc (hons), MSc

Adrian - Hertility Health

Dr Adrian Timpson

Machine Learning & Data Scientist

BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Anja - Hertility Health

Anja Skevin

Scientific Research Associate

BSc (hons), MSc

Hassan - Hertility Health

Hassan Bhandari

Product Designer

BA (hons)

Amit - Hertility Health

Amit Verma

Front-end Developer

BA (hons)

Savita - Hertility Health

Savita Sharma

Back-end Developer


Grace - Hertility Health

Grace Firmin-Guion

Marketing & Communications Manager

BA (hons)

Prakrit - Hertility Health

Prakrit Kapur

Digital Marketing & Product Manager

BSc (hons), MSc

Arif - Hertility Health

Arif Wani

Partnerships Associate

BA (hons)

Meeladah Ghani - Hertility Health

Meeladah Ghani

Senior Scientific Research & Communications Manager

BSc (hons), MSc, MPhil

Meeladah Ghani - Hertility Health

Katy Darke

Scientific Research & Operations Associate

BSc (hons), MSc

Arif - Hertility Health

Jessica Freedman

Strategy & Operations Manager

BA (hons)

Arif - Hertility Health

Emily Moreton

Fertility Nurse & Patient Liaison

NMC, ANutr

Arif - Hertility Health

Maeve Knipe

Executive Personal Assistant

BA (hons)

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