How it works

Care Questionnaire

Help us get to know you better, so we can determine which hormones to test.

At-Home Test

No need for multiple appointments when you can collect your blood sample from the comfort of your couch.


Send your blood sample to our accredited labs where it will be analysed.

Online Results

Our certified doctors will review your results and provide a personalised report.

Expert Care

Need more advice or a plan of action? We can guide you to specialist care, with a vetted and trusted clinic.

Our Packages

EmpowHER £125

(Test + Results)

Want to feel empowered by knowing where you're at with your reproductive health? With the EmpowHER package, you’ll receive a tailored test, clear results and access to content and vetted resources from our eggsperts.

Consider it a Hertility “Hey”.

HearHER £199

(Test + Results + Teleconsultation)

Have a feeling something’s up? Want to be heard and actually listened to? With the HearHER package, you’ll receive a tailored test, clear results and a 30-minute tele-consultation with one of our eggsperts to discuss your options.

Consider it a Hertility “Hi-five”.

TreatHER £249

(Test + Results + Consultation at a clinic)

Need treatment or feel that it’s time for action? The TreatHER package not only gives you results, but guidance to trusted care. Receive a face-to-face consultation at one of our vetted clinics, where you will receive guidance on the correct treatment for you and your partner - at a fraction of the price.

Consider it a Hertility “Hug”.

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