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  • 5 Things AMH Testing Can (and can’t) Tell You About Your Fertility

    July 26, 2023Senior Scientific Research Associate

    Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is a really important hormone for your fertility and overall health. Because of how closely it is linked to your eggs, AMH testing can help you understand your fertility and give you insights into your overall reproductive health. There are some myths out there about exactly what AMH testing can and can’t tell you, so in this blog post we’re going to explore exactly that and give…

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  • Hormones and Smoking

    Hormones and Smoking: How is it Affecting Your Health?

    July 4, 2023Senior Scientific Research Associate

    It’s a well-known fact that smoking can have a negative impact on health, with both active and passive smoking being associated with multiple forms of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Despite this, in the UK, as of 2019, 28% of men and 22% of women aged between 25 and 34 years are current smokers, according to published health data in England (1)—and a whopping 175 million people assigned-female-at-birth (AFAB) smoke…

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  • KC oestrogen

    Oestrogen 101: What it is, what it does and how it changes

    June 26, 2023Senior Scientific Research Associate

    Oestrogen truly is the matriarch of female sex hormones. It helps to control the menstrual cycle, enable ovulation, produce female sex characteristics helps us to feel feisty, frisky and fabulous. There are three different types of oestrogen, also sometimes spelt estrogen (the American spelling). Like all of our hormones, our oestrogen levels can sometimes become off-balanced—with many different lifestyle and genetic factors impacting its production and regulation throughout the body.…

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  • Luteinising Hormone: What Do Your LH Levels Mean?

    June 22, 2023Senior Scientific Research Associate

    Luteinising hormone (LH) plays a huge role when it comes to fertility and ovulation, despite it being one of the lesser known cycling hormones. In this article we’ll explain exactly what luteinising hormone is, how it works and take a deep-dive into its importance for female fertility. We’ll also take a look at LH levels and why they’re important, as well as how to recognise the symptoms of low or…

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  • SHBG

    What Do Your SHBG Levels Mean?

    June 20, 2023Senior Scientific Research Associate

    Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is an important protein involved in the regulation of our sex hormones. Just like our menstrual cycle, thyroid and fertility hormones, our SHBG levels can affect our reproductive health—including our ability to conceive.  So what is a good, or ‘normal’ range for our SHBG levels? And how do we know when ours might be too high or too low?  We’ve broken down all you need to…

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  • Hertility video

    The Reproductive Revolution hits the Cinema

    November 25, 2022Hertility

    Hertility partners with Pearl & Dean for the launch of #MeToo film, ‘She Said’, to rally women in the UK for the next women’s rights movement, the Reproductive Revolution. Women’s health company Hertility’s award-winning film, ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal,’ spotlighted the lack of research on women’s bodies and called out society for using women’s hormones against them. Now, they’re teaming up with Pearl & Dean, the UK’s best-known cinema advertising contractor,…

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  • What is AMH

    What is AMH and what can AMH testing tell me?

    September 7, 2022Hertility

    Key takeaways Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is an important hormone when it comes to our fertility.  Produced by the follicles that house our eggs, our AMH levels can give us a insight into your reproductive health because it is reflective of your ovarian reserve (egg count) and whether fertility treatments like egg freezing or IVF might be right for us. But as always, getting the straight-talking info we need on our…

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  • Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone 101: Understanding Your Testosterone Levels

    October 6, 2021Senior Scientific Research Associate

    It’s become a common misconception, that when it comes to sex hormones, those born female are driven by oestrogen and those born male are driven by testosterone. But the reality is, all sexes have these hormones running through their bodies, just in different quantities. So if testosterone isn’t just for testes-bearers, what does it do in your body? And what can the knock-on effects of an imbalance be? Welcome to…

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