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  • Fertility Myths

    Fertility Myths – The Common Misconceptions About Conception

    December 4, 2020Bríd Ní Dhonnabháin

    There are lots of fertility myths out there and it can be difficult to find the truth hiding in the middle of all those old wives tales. We’ve decided to do the hard work for you and here we debunk 17 fertility myths.  1. Infertility doesn’t affect people under 35 It is true that fertility declines with age and you’re more likely to experience trouble getting pregnant past your mid-to-late…

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  • IVF treatment

    IVF Treatment: What To Expect

    August 31, 2020Meeladah Ghani

    If you’re struggling with infertility, or are a part of a same-sex couple looking to add some mini members to your family, you’ve probably heard of IVF treatment. As one of the most common forms of fertility treatments in the UK, understanding its process is extremely important before you leap into its depths. We get it, navigating the artificial fertility pathways can be both daunting and stressful. And wrapping your…

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  • Age and Fertility

    Age and Fertility: Is Your ‘Biological Clock’ Ticking Away?

    August 30, 2020Hertility

    The infamous “biological clock” concept, yet another social pressure to add to the modern woman’s life. What started as an undoubtedly sexist term in the seventies to push women into motherhood after a drop in fertility rates, has clung on to modern society’s ideals and still lingers around today… But does this mythical clock actually have any scientific evidence to prove that age and fertility are closely linked? Believe it…

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  • how fertility struggles impact your mental health

    How Fertility Struggles Impact Your Mental Health

    August 29, 2020Zoya Ali

    The journey to parenthood can be one of the most incredible adventures you take during your adult life. Yet for 1 in 7 heterosexual couples in the UK, LGBTQIA+ couples or those choosing to go solo, the fertility journey can be a rocky road. While there has been a lot of conversation around the physical and economic aspects of fertility treatment, many people remain silent about the influence that fertility…

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  • Fertility Preservation

    Fertility Preservation – Protecting Your Parenthood Plans

    August 29, 2020Zoya Ali

    When it comes to your fertility, preserving it isn’t quite as simple as locking it in a jar of vinegar to prevent it from expiring. Fertility preservation not only involves a lot more science but also, either freezing your eggs, embryos or reproductive tissue so that they can be used in the future to create your own biological children. Once collected, they are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen –…

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