Become a Reproductively Responsible™ employer

The workplace wasn’t designed for every body, we’re here to change that.

Proudly supporting


Why does Reproductive Health matter to your business?


Have left their jobs due to menopause symptoms


Are affected by infertility



suffer from a hormonal imbalance

How to become Reproductively Responsible™ employer How to become Reproductively Responsible™ employer

Reproductive Health ScreeningReproductive Health Screening

Reproductive Health Screening

Provide employees with:

  • At-home hormone and fertility testing, telemedicine services and aftercare.
  • Early diagnosis & treatment
  • Access to specialists, at home
CPD-accredited Educational WorkshopsCPD-accredited Educational Workshops

CPD-accredited Educational Workshops

  • Empower your employees with tools to support their reproductive health.
  • Foster an inclusive, informed culture
Policy ImplementationPolicy Implementation

Policy Implementation

  • Make meaningful change by introducing reproductive policies, facilities and support networks

Attract, support & retain a diverse workforce



1 IN 3

Workers believe fertility should be part of their benefits package



1 IN 3

Employees undergoing fertility treatment leave their jobs



4 IN 5

Perimenopausal and menopausal women believe symptoms negatively impact their work

Revolutionising Reproductive Healthcare

eco system
eco system mobile
  • Health Assessments.
  • At-home Reproductive Health screening.
  • Personalised Doctor Written Results.
  • Access to Highly-Rated UK Experts and Clinics.
  • A community of Care.
  • Training & Policy Education & Awarness.

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A lack of reproductive health support can come at a cost


of women experience reproductive health symptoms at work.


total productivity lost per year due to presenteeism.


Of employees are willing to change jobs for fertility benefits.

Good for your people, great for your business

Gender diverse companies have been shown to be more innovative, agile and financially successful

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Be the company everyone wants to work for and nobody wants to leave with progressive benefits & inclusive culture.

Improve D&I & ESG metrics

Attract, support & retain a more diverse workforce with benefits supporting women and the LGBTQ+ community

Be ReProductively Responsible™

Being Fertility-Friendly is only the start. Give employees the care they deserve to attract, support and retain a diverse, thriving workforce.

Boost Engagement & Productivity

Prioritise employee wellbeing & see a 6 x ROI in reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and turnover in return for a healthy, happy workforce.

Proactive fertility budget

Support your employees to proactively manage their reproductive health to avoid the need for expensive reactive benefits such as egg freezing.

Gender Equality at all levels

Support women from menstruation through menopause to ensure inclusive representation from young talent to senior leaders

Flora Kong

Flora Kong


Flora Kong

'Dr Helen and the Hertility team did a phenomenal job in educating our workforce on all things menopause related. It was done in such an approachable and engaging way.'

Alex Mahon

Alex Mahon


Alex Mahon

“We are incredibly proud of this innovative new partnership with Hertility, [...] This latest initiative aligns with our commitment to support women’s health and the wellbeing of all our people.”

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Return on Investment

For every £1 spent on Hertility Reproductive Health benefits, you’ll receive £6 in reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.




Welcome To The Inequality Report
Welcome To The Inequality Report

Menopause in the workplace
Menopause in the workplace

How to support employeess 

going through fertility treatment in the workplace?
How to support employeess going through fertility treatment in the workplace?

Zoya Ali

Why should reproductive health be a part of your mental health benefits?
Why should reproductive health be a part of your mental health benefits?

Zoya Ali

How can period pain impact your employees?
How can period pain impact your employees?

Zoya Ali

How to support LGBTQ+ employees
How to support LGBTQ+ employees

Zoya Ali

Being a 21st Century Employer – Supporting Women Through Menopause
Being a 21st Century Employer – Supporting Women Through Menopause

Ruby Relton

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Still have questions?

We’re here to support you on your journey to becoming a Reproductively Responsible™ employer.

Do we help companies to implement Reproductive Health policies?

Yes, we do. Being Fertility-friendly is one step, but what about menopause and debilitating reproductive health issues like Endometriosis & PCOS? We ensure companies provide comprehensive support from menstruation to menopause.

What does becoming a Reproductively Responsible™ employer involve?


(1) Provide our educational modules to your employees (2) Have a Reproductive Health policy in place and (3) Offer proactive hormone and fertility testing to employees.

Why is Reproductive Health an employer’s responsibility?

Because not only does a workforce rely on it’s employer for support, but reproductive health costs organisations exorbitant losses in absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity every year due to the mental and physical health impacts of reproductive health conditions as well as the struggles with family forming when it’s not so simple.

How does Hertility help workplace diversity?

Diverse talent is often not retained in leadership positions because they have either exited the workforce to have children or when facing menopause or they are not supported in their sexual/ gender orientation. With more supportive policies in place to equip employees to plan and prepare for parenthood alongside their corporate roles, diversity in the workplace can be maintained.

How does Hertility support males in the workplace?

Through education as well as our testing, which can be passed onto next-of-kin helping couples on their journey to conceive. We also partner with leading fertility clinics through which we can refer male clients to for sperm testing.

Can we facilitate IVF and egg-freezing?

Answer: Yes, our partnership with leading fertility clinics means we can refer employees for IVF and egg-freezing.