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  • PMS or PMDD? Period Blues and Your Mental Health

    August 30, 2020Grace Firmin-Guion

    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)  has been around as long as we’ve been having periods. But what used to be a taboo topic and often the butt of sexist jokes, is now an active point of conversation among women. With the period-related chat flowing, the door is finally open for researchers to give women the answers we’ve been waiting for, and it’s interesting to see the impact your cycle could be having…

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  • How Fertility Struggles Impact Your Mental Health

    August 29, 2020Zoya Ali

    The journey to parenthood is probably the most venturesome of journeys to take during your adult life. Yet for 1 in 7 heterosexual couples in the UK, the journey to fertility is a rocky road. Experiencing fertility struggles can lead you towards an emotional rollercoaster filled with many difficult emotions, such as anger, depression, anxiety, shock, grief, and frustration. Many people remain silent about the influence fertility struggles can have…

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