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  • What to Do When You Have a Haemolysed Blood Sample

    July 26, 2023Hertility

    With any type of blood collection, haemolysed blood samples can happen. They are very common—in fact, they are actually the number one cause of rejected samples by labs, second only to insufficient sample size (1). But we know it can be frustrating to hear that your sample couldn’t be analysed—especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like having blood taken.  In this blog post we will walk you through what happens…

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  • Why should you test your hormones?

    July 5, 2022Senior Scientific Research Associate

    First, let’s get back to basics… What even are hormones? Put simply, hormones are small chemical messengers that travel through the blood to different parts of your body. They help control many different functions from growth and development to metabolism (how your body gets energy from the food you eat), menstrual cycles,  fertility and mood, just to name a few!  Hormones are made by special cells in a network of…

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