Take control in 4 easy steps
Step 1
To understand your health needs, we’ll ask you to take our Care Questionnaire. Depending on your answers we’ll suggest which hormones you should have tested.
Step 2
To keep your privacy at a premium and comfort to a maximum, we will send you your testing kit straight to your door. All the test requires is a simple blood sample using a finger-prick device.
Step 3
Pop your blood sample in the self addressed, prepaid envelope and post it off to our accredited labs. Your results will be reviewed by an expert clinician and available to you in clear non-scientific jargon.
Step 4
Whether you need more insight into your symptoms and cycles; advice on conception or you’re contemplating egg freezing, Hertility Health will guide you through your journey to specialist care.
Created by Women, for Women.

Reproductive health matters to your overall health and we believe it should be monitored. Symptoms that are just considered to be part of being a woman are often ignored or masked, put down to a part of the pain of periods. But periods shouldn’t be a pain.

Why is it that 30% of women suffer from a reproductive condition and yet modern medicine’s only solution is to put you on the pill? We don’t believe in masking symptoms. Why is it that 1 in 10 women suffer from a condition called endometriosis, yet there is still no cure? Why is it that 1 in 4 women have PCOS and yet this can take years to be diagnosed? Because women have not been given a voice. We are giving you a speaker and hearing you roar! Let’s help each other.

We have designed our clinically validated questionnaires alongside doctors, fertility specialists and endocrinologists (hormone doctors) in order to get the information we need to test you accurately.

We want to replace the ‘why’ with the ‘well because…’, and give you answers. Because facts are our friends, and though the truth may be hard sometimes, knowledge is power.